Welcome to London VideoHackspace website !!!

The London Video Hack Space is a place to share ideas, thoughts, knowledge, technologies, processes and aesthetics on video. We welcome artists, engineers, students, and everyone interested in any video technology !!!

These are the main areas of interest identified so far, any suggestion/idea is very welcome :

- Cinematography

- Video / Photo cameras

- Filming techniques

- Direction and editing

- Codecs and compressions algorithm

- Real time video (generative and loop based)

- A/V synchronization

- Motion capturing

- Video software (After Effects/Cinema4d/Resolume/Modul8/Arkaos/VDMX/Syphon/Quartz)

- Green screen

- Interactive design

- Installations

- Mapping

- Midi / Osc with physical or touch interfaces

- Gestures, body and facial recognition

- Video Journalism

We are a part the the AV Node Networkav node logo

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