28/04/13 – A Video Circuit Bending Workshop for Beginners.

Taught by Simon Schäfer

Organised by the London VideoHackSpace :

We organised a pile of video equipment to bend for you!!!
You can either take one of our things or bring your own to work with. If you wonder what would be worth bringing, here’s a bit of a guideline:

You’ll be introduced to the basics of video circuit bending by building your own Personal Video Glitch Device (PVGD). It might be helpful if you know which end of a soldering iron not to touch, but it isn’t mandatory. We have lots of cables and pots and switchen and stuff for you to mess with. But if you know a bit about circuit bending and want to bring your own parts, that’s fine, too. If you have no idea what cables, pots and switches and stuff are: No worries, you’re gonna learn it.

The workshop goes from 10:30 – 19:30, we might have a break at some point.

8-ish Participants max, first come first serve. Please send an email to to RSVP.
The fee is £37, £27 if you bring your own device to bend.

447 Hackney Road,
E2 9DY

We are very glad to officially announce the first London Video Hackspace meeting for the evening of the 24th of January.


The meeting will take place in the Quiet room of the London Hackspace, Unit 24, Hoxton, London from 19.30 till around 23.30.


You can register your attendance on Eventbrite (for free) and prepare your gears.


The Agenda is the following:


  • Fabrizio D’Amico AKA VJHASH will present the idea of the RGBD project.The RGBDToolkit invites you to imagine the future of filmmaking.
    Repurposing the depth sensing camera from the Microsoft Kinect or Asus Xtion Pro as an accessory to your HD DSLR camera, the open source hardware and software captures and visualizes the world as mesmerizing wireframe forms. A CGI and video hybrid, the data can be rephotographed from any angle in post.


  • Tasos Stamou will present some circuit bending projects:Tasos Stamou is a self-taught electroacoustic music composer and a performer of free improvised music. Originally trained in visual arts, he has been exploring and utilizing different mediums of original sonic creation since 2006 as a recording and performing artist; instrumental solos (prepared zither, sax, accordion, keyboards), electronic music arrangements (analogue synthesizer, handmade electronics, computer applications), vivid sonic performance and sound installations. Mostly as a multi-instrumentalist performer of free improvised music he has been presenting live sets of solo projects and collaborations with other sound experimentalists and improvisers (London Improvisers Orchestra, Evan Parker, Adam Bohman, Steve Beresford, Valerio Tricoli, Kuupuu & Lau Nau, Nikos Veliotis, etc.) at venues and festivals of innovative music. Since 2008 he runs “Kukuruku Recordings”, an independent label for electroacoustic ephemeral sound works. He is currently occupied with creating his own instrument designs and sound sculptures.


  • Philo van Kemenade will present his dissertation project :From an AI perspective, I’m interested in bridging the semantic gap between an image’s low-level features and the high-level semantic interpretations we address to it. I’ll show my wePorter project that uses Human Computation techniques to filter the most interesting parts of a large set of videos.

  • Bioni Samp will present the Telecine project :Single frame Telecine machine running at around 1 frame per second and linked to an ordinary laptop computer. Image is being recorded via a Canon HV30, fitted with suitable close-up lens.


  • Jessica Telani Incerti showing some of her past works and giving a brief overview exploring some cool features in After Effects.
  • Fabio Pironti AKA VJKLAT will start the engineering group that will be focusing on the production of video tools like rails, cranes, special tripods, wall mounts and so on.
  • AOB


Event Details :


London Video Hackspace Meeting #1

London Hackspace Unit 24 – Quiet Room

Unit 24 Cremer Business Centre, London Hackspace, London, E2 8HD

020 7613 5391 – London Hackspace

Fabrizio D’Amico : 07880 652557

Fabio Pironti : 07414 917637


The website is up, waiting for your contributions !!!

The first meeting will be Tuesday 18th December 2012 @Juno in Shoreditch toghether wit VJ London monthly meeting

All the details here

See you there !!!

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